What Is The Difference Between Bacteria And Fungi?

Bacteria and fungi what makes them different? Let's learn the difference.


Bacteria and Fungi both come under two different categories which are Prokaryotic cells and Eukaryotic cells. The prokaryotic cell is the former one and Eukaryotic cell is the latter one. This is not the only thing that makes them different there are many like Fungi is Heterotrophs and is dependent on there are for food whereas in the case of bacteria a host is needed and they can be both Autotrophs and Heterotrophs. 

Bacteria Vs Fungi

Difference Between Bacteria And Fungi | Bacteria Vs Fungi:

What Is Bacteria?

Bacteria are the Prokaryotic microorganisms, and also known as the first organism which gets produced on earth approximately 3.5 billion years ago. Bacteria can be Heterotroph (Means:- which are dependent on the host for their nutrition) and autotroph (Means:- which prepare their own found by the process of photosynthesis). In the process of releasing the Nitrogen to the plants, bacteria are very useful. They are also useful in the decomposition of organic matters, used during the fermentation process for making things like Yogurt, Curd, and Cheese. Sometimes they also cause illness (e.g. tuberculosis, salmonella, strep throat) by the contamination of water and spoiling of food. The bacteria have three shapes:-

  • Spherical and example of that is Cocco.
  • Rod Shaped and an example of that is Vibrio.
  • Spiral and example of that are Spirochetes.

They get reproduced by the process of binary fission or conjugation.


What Is Fungi?

Fungi are Eukaryotic organisms and they can be unicellular (e.g. yeast) and multicellular (e.g. hyphae) which produced on earth 900 million years ago, and were derived from protists. Fungi exist in thread-like structures which are known as Hypha when the structures of these Hyphal grow and they form a thick mass which is called Mycelium. Fungi exist in thread-like structures which are known as hypha when the structures of these hyphal grow and they form a thick mass which is called Mycelium. For their nutrient, they consume organic carbon and are Heterotrophic organisms. They feed the organic remains from rotten wood and by spreading into the soil and with this they secrete hydrolytic enzymes. They are also known as Saprophytes because their nutrition obtained from dead and decayed materials. The reproduces their own asexually and sexually by the process of, budding, fragmentation, by the formation of spores and by developing branches. Fungi also used in the making of bread, antibiotics and also used as edible. They can also spoil food and are also responsible for diseases in animals and plants.


Difference Bacteria Vs Fungi:

Read below comparison chart to learn the difference between bacteria and fungi.



The most ancient organism on this earth till today is bacteria which have a simple cell structure and are prokaryotic and unicellular. With a complex cell structure, the fungi are eukaryotic and multicellular organisms.
For the growth of bacteria, they do not need any host. They grow their own.
Below the cell wall, the cell membrane is present. The cell membrane is present.
They have three shapes Spherical, Rod Shaped, and Spiral. They vary in shape but mostly they are in thread-like structures known as hyphae.
The reproduction mode in bacteria is asexual. In Fungi, reproduction mode can be asexual or sexual.
Motility through flagellum. They are non-motile.
Usually, the mode of nutrition for bacteria is heterotrophs but they can also be autotrophs. The fungi are heterotrophs and their mode of nutrition is dead and decayed matter.
They derive the energy from sugar, proteins, and fats. They derive the energy from the preexisting sources which are available in the environment.
They are responsible for the cause of diseases like Tuberculosis, rabies, leprosy, tetanus, diphtheria, strep throat, leprosy, pertussis, cholera. They are responsible for the cause of diseases like athlete’s foot, aspergillosis, aspergilloma, allergic bronchopulmonary, etc.

Hope you like reading and find the article worthy to clear the difference between bacteria and fungi. The information mentioned in this article is based upon the research studies and Reporter Aunty does not claim that.

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