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Health Benefits Of Eating Onion

A plate of salad looks incomplete without onion, its the king of salad.


A raw onion a day keeps the summer blues away. From over a long years it is used as a primary source in our plates as salad because its really good for our health. Apart from its health properties we can not deny the fact that most of the foods tastes good because they are complimented with onions.

Here are Health Benefits Of Onion:

1. Onion Keeps Our Heart Health:

Onions are the richest source of flavonoids and thiosulfates. Flavonoids reduces the quantity of bad cholesterol in our body and thiosulfates maintains the right consistency of blood in our body. This helps to protect our heart from stroke and heart attack.


2. Boosts Immunity:

Maintaining a good immune system has become the prime priority of everyone now a days. The chemical properties in onions is that strong, that it enhances our immune system and it has anti-cancer properties.

Good Immunity

3. Improves Respiratory Problems:

It has anti allergic properties, and most of the respiratory problems happens because of allergies.  It relaxes the muscles of the isolated trachea that helps asthma patients to breathe easily and it all happens because of the flavonoid’s available in it.

Respiratory Problems

4. Good Skin:

Onions contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K which are helpful for glowing and ageless skin. These vitamins protects our skin from harmful ultra violet rays as well as from pigmentation.

Good Skin Onion

5. Good Vision:

During currents times vision problems have become the most common issue. Vitamin E is most valuable vitamin for good vision and selenium available in onions produces the vitamin E. Some studies also says that few natural eye drops also contains onion juice extracts.

Good Vision

6. Good Oral Health:

Have you ever thought that onion can be helpful for oral health? But yes its true, onion is helpful for good oral health because it contains the Vitamin C contents in it which are helpful for our teeth.

Oral Health

7. Good Sexual Health:

Few studies says if someone is suffering from erectile dysfunction, then they should eat onion because it corrects that also it is helpful in increasing the testosterone level in men.

sexual health

“ If you are not an onion lover then one should must start adding raw onion in the daily diet after knowing all these health benefits.”


All the above mentioned information is written on the basis of the various studies and ReporterAunty does not claims for this.

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